I have shown and bred many Champion dogs over the past 40 years, Maltese, English Springer Spaniels, Cockers, Lhasa's---just to mention afew. I groomed
professionally as well. I just fell in love with a Labradoodle while walking in a RV park 5 years ago---the  rest is now history!!
Hi Debbie,

I just wanted to let you know that Maci has fully adapted and is doing great!  We are starting to see her spunky
personality(which she has a ton of) and can't thank you enough for prepping her for us!  Here is a picture of her
and a friend at her first pool party! (Her form was excellent)

Jeff- Boston
Puppies after Tommy and Millan is absolutely fabulous. We have done extensive testing of mentality and all are
environmentally stable, have good self-confidence, good problem solving skills and is very social and playful.
And look how beautiful they are! They have shiny hair quality and 6 of them seem to get open fleece coat. We could not have
wished for more. Thanks again Debbie for the amazing Tommy who will help us get healthy, sound and beautiful labradoodles
in Sweden!

Best regards,
Good Afternoon Debbie,
I am sending you a picture of Cocoa, after being groomed for the first time. She is so much fun and Mike and I have been
having fun with Cocoa. Thank you so much! She will be 6 months old next week. I have taught her to sit, down, off, fetch, shake,
and come. We are still working on the potty training in the afternoon. I need to train her on the leash so she is not pulling on me.
I have been watching YouTube training video to get some hints. She is sleeping all night and no potty accidents at night. Do you
know of a site to register her as a service dog? I have been doing some research and confuse on the sites that offer
certification. Mike walks with a walker and is a diabetic. Cocoa follows him around and I want to train her if he takes a fall that
she would alert me of the accident. I generally go to bed earlier and a little concern that I might not hear him call for me. Right
now, Cocoa is still in a gated area when she sleeps. I do not want her running around the house not supervised. Mike would not
be able to stop her from doing something that she should not get into that would be trouble. Let me know if you have any
advice. I will send the picture in a separate email. Talk to you soon, Karen Smith  , Oregon


Maggie is doing great she is so much fun and such a joy!

Sally and Lew, Eugene, Oregon

Hope is amazing. She is so calm and so smart. We are making great headway on housebreaking and today we took
her with us to run some short errands. So relaxed. What a love. Thanks for all of the extras you sent with her and
for doing everything right.

Terry and Gerry Hodge, Wa.

Doggies doing well. Had lots of fun at the high school in the art room. Truman holds his own. Won't let Gracie have
a toy or bone, and hogs the food dish! Both are growing so fast!

Steve and Jan, Sisters, Or.
Stella is doing fabulous! What a lovely dog, oh my gosh so smart! Dezi is having some difficulties...surprise...but I'm
sure it will smooth out in the next few days. My macaw has already got her name down so that means she's part of
the family now. Our family feels complete again with two dogs.

Thank you thank you! Luci
Just to let you know, Lily is doing great in every way.She is doing great with housebreaking. Only has a little accident
first thing in the morning on her way out.
She slept in her "house" last night with just a little whining   Believe it or not, (really, honestly), she has already learned
to sit, and lay down on request, heals on the leash, and let's us go through the door first!!  I can't quite believe it, all in
3 days. I'm sure she will begin testing us soon, and things may change then, but she is a quick learner, for sure.
She has such a sweet, sweet personality, and is quite mellow most of the time. She's getting used to things around here
pretty quickly. Besides training, we take her to the park and let her watch how the world works, take her for walks, and
of course, play! We love her!  I'll send pictures soon.
Vera, Cottage Grove, Oregon
Dear Deb
Hope is amazing..she is so calm and so smart. We are making great headway on housebreaking and today we took
her with us to run some short errands. So relaxed. What a love.

Thanks for all of the extras you sent with her  and  for doing everything right--
Terry /Gerry Hodge, Wa.
Dear Debbie
Here is FernRidge Kissed By a Rose "Rosie"  She us a beautiful dog - she has the most soft fleece coat but most of
all her temperament is outstanding - sooo incredibly sweet - wants to obey - lays at my feet - she has a happy
disposition - we love her- she is well angulated and we already know her hips are good  had to have an xray . I'd
say your two made phenomenal puppies

Thank you Paula
Portland, Oregon


hello this is Scott.  Here he is , Charlie, laying in his bed at my office.  

We love him. In Idaho
Hi Debbie -
It's been a week now with Maggie and she's doing great. She idolizes George and is now officially his shadow.  We
took her for her first walk at our reservoir where she got to meet some other dogs. She seemed to feel safe when
George was around.  She's very sweet and we are really enjoying having her with us.  Thanks and we'll stay in

Phil and Nancy.
Hi Debbie,

Thanks once again for giving us such a wonderful and adorable dog. She has been doing great.

Shailesh Rodrigues, Portland, Or.

Hi Debbie,

See the attached signed contract.  Luna is absolutely wonderful!! We're working on potty training.
Thank you!

Maria Iannelli
Camden, NJ 08103
Canon has been a superstar! He is loved by everyone at work, had great behavior and the girls always look
forward to his love and cuddles! He is enjoying our day at home today being lazy and enjoying the sun.

Karen and the Girls-Eugene, Or.

(Guardian family program)
Debbie, It's been quite some time since I updated you on Simon and thought I best let you know how fabulous he is
doing in our home.  First, we love, love, love him!  He is just the best gift of all time!  He plays well with his brother,
our 13 lb, 12-year old silkie terrier, Fritz.  He and our 12 year-old cat, Miko, are best buddies - we feel so blessed
that they get along so well.
Simon did well in training.  He likes to jump up and we have been working hard at keeping his four paws on the
floor.  He is smart and learns new commands quickly.  He is a great leash walker and it is rare now that he stops
along the way.  Rather, he heels and walks with us at our pace.  He enjoys the dog park and has made friends at his
Tuesday doggie day care.
Our vet says we have a real winner here and suggests we consider therapy training with Simon.  We are looking
into this; however, right now we are letting him be a puppy.

Thank you for such a sweet boy!  
Very kindly, Adonica and Kathryn- Portland, Or.

Jay and Ed taking their two boys home  to Calif. in the worst snow storm in ages!
We are home.  Long trip but the puppies did real well, slept most of the way home. All in all they it was not a bad
trip home.  They are getting use to their new surroundings. Thank you again for everything.  

The travel kit and toys were perfect.
Jay and Ed

I wanted to get back to you and let you know how Kloey is doing!  She is now approximately 7 months old, and she is a fantastic
little girl!  She is so smart, and I cannot express what a wonderful personality she has to boot!  She has learned to sit, stay, and
has been introduced to the Pearl District in downtown Portland where we eat outside with Kloey laying on the ground!  She is
amazing.  She is social at the doggie park, wonderful with other people, as well as dogs!  She took to her kennel from the
beginning, does not bark, and is totally potty trained.  My husband and I adore her, and I cannot express enough what a
wonderful addition to our family she truly is.  She is so funny.

Thank you so much for sharing her with us.  We are blessed, and I wanted you to know!

Jacki Scott
Sisters, Or.

We love Champ. He is beautiful. He is fitting in well. He loves the boys but make no mistake he loves me best  :)

Jenny, Wa. State
Opus in the Snow in Sweden:

Debbie,  it is Opus. He is absolutely stunning this boy you gave us. He learns everything in a second, he is
adaptable and can walk loose in any environment, he is amazing in meetings with anyone and dearly loved by all
grandchildren. And what a silk coat he has, easy to keep nice is it too. He has everything you could want from a

Ingeborg Hook
Hooks Labradoodles, Sweden
Dear Debbie

First day home.  She is such a joy, and so entertaining.
Love her to pieces.

Thought you'd like to see Bella playing in the snow.  
She absolutely loves it, plows right through it.
Love this little girl.

Linda Baker, Bend, Oregon
Hello Debbie,
I wanted to give you a quick update on Hazel. She saw the vet on Monday and the vet was very impressed with her
and her socialization that she asked for your card for referrals. Hazel was a fabulous patient.

She has mastered "sit" and picks her toys up and puts them on her bed in the family room, she loves to fetch the
ball, and she also watches TV with such intent. She is completely kenneled trained, no whining and she waits
patiently to be let out. She has only had a couple of potty accidents in the house and is doing well with ringing the
bells. It snowed here today and she loved playing in it, she also likes going out in the rain. A perfect PNW puppy. :)
She loves to chew but prefers her chew toys to anything else and is very good about leaving everything else
alone. She is also on a nice schedule. A very fast learner and is anxious to please.

The kids adore her and she adores them. She gets so excited when they get home from school. She really is

Thank you!
I'm sorry for the delay in getting this back to you. I've had it signed off, just needed to get it sent out.  My daughter
decided that she liked the name Cream and has kept that.  Cream has grown from 17.5 to 22.5 lbs in the last month.

His house training is still ongoing but he is a smart, attentive puppy.  We've gotten a lot of compliments on his
calm temperament.  He has learned not to jump up to get food on the table and has good manners with people that
come over to visit.

We are all enjoying the addition to our family.

Best regards, James

Hi Debbie,

Poppy is doing very well indeed, and loves the snow!

You included a note about forwarding the ALAA puppy transfer papers in the packet when you shipped Poppy –
would it be possible for you to forward them by mail please?

Thanks, Neil, Alaska
We wish you and your family the very best New Year!
The picture is of  Opus and my youngest daughter's Great Dane, Saskia, they are best
friends. Tonight's Opus take care of Saskia who is afraid of all New Years fireworks heard
all evening. Opus is a fantastic little darling who all fall in love in.
Thank you Debbie for giving Opus and Tommy to us!

Hooks Labradoodles........Sweden
Good morning Debbie!

Thank you for such a sweet girl. Her guardians decided to name her Lucy. She is already so adored by her new
family. Her guardian mom is a fellow teacher of mine. She will have a wonderful home! As you can see by the
pictures how much they love her already!

Thanks again,
Darah, Arch View Labraododles

Dear Debbie

He's a blast!  I slept on the floor next to his kennel and we played half the night.  The other dogs love him.  He
woke up early and we went for a walk this morning.  He is such a love!  Thank you so much.  We'll send some
pictures soon.

Tommy, Portland, Or.
Good Morning, Debbie,

Minnie Mae is a delight!!

Took her to the vet for a “get established” visit and he kept saying “I like what I see.”  He said, “he loves breeders
who are so thorough. “He thought we had a winner!!
And so do we!!! Thank you for your extra care in transport to Tulsa.   

She is perky, as a puppy should be, and wants to be around us as she actively chews on her things.

Warmly,Diana in Tulsa
Hi Debbie
Just a note to wish you happy holidays!  We LOVE our dog, Hunter and are so glad he is part of our family.  He is
doing really well!  He went crazy in the snow that hit Corvallis recently.  Way too funny!

All in all, exercise, discipline, and affection continue to be the keys to helping him be a healthy and balanced.  He
certainly is happy and comfortable evidenced by teenager energy.  He is such a lover and the girls adore him.  

Hope all is well in your busy worlds!  Stay warm!
-Eric- Corvallis

Quick note to tell you that Tyler is simply a fantastic dog. Will spare you all of the details, just know that he is always
upbeat, ready to go, fearless, very loving and gets along well with all including his surrogate mother and his cats
also pictured below. Our very best to you and thank you for adding so much joy to our lives.

Dear Debbie
He's  simply awesome!!! He's soooo smart! I've trained him to sit, lay down, roll over and rings the bells on the
doors to go out! LOL Mav watches football, chases squirrels and LOVES his runs out in the cemetery behind our
yard! He loves car rides to the grocery too! He is the most awesome dog EVER! Did I mention what a snuggle bug
he is at night? LOL

Hi Debbie,
Just want to tell you Walker is still living with us. Doing great and my husband loves him!

Best regards,
Bailey in Eugene, Oregon very tried from a day at work!

Hi Debbie,

Bailey is doing well.  She has completely acclimated to our home and has really come to love Ryan.  She is all
puppy with her playfulness and chewing :)  .  
We really love her and she is doing so much better with meeting new people.  She has gotten to go to work with
Ryan a few times now and they all really enjoy having her there.  We are headed to Mexico on Friday for a week so
she will be staying with our friends who have a little puppy for her to play with.

I have attached a picture from a day when she had gone to work with Ryan and came home exhausted :)  I hope you
had a nice vacation and I will be sure to check in soon.


"Trixie" in Washington State

We love our girl! She is so happy and completes our family. Please feel free to put on website! We love our little
Trixie! Thanks again for our perfect angel!

Thank you Debbie!
James and Jennica


We are in love, he is so huggable.  

--Jarrett Singer

We've got a nice award for our work with train dogs for professional work in health care. We received the award
yesterday and Fernridges Opus was with us. Here together with the Ministry of Health, Maria Larsson, and me.
Opus was with us during the four-hour long ceremony and there were many who wanted to take him home.

Best regards,

Sherman" with happy Mom and Dad in Sisters, Or

Hi Debbie
As Neil said earlier we absolutely adore little "poppy" (was Star). She is the cutest most loving little pup and
everyone falls in love with her.

Tracy, Alaska
Hi Debbie-Snickers just graduated top of his class! Everyone that comes in contact with him, trainer, groomer, vet,
and our dog sitter is very complimentary about his temperament and looks. Saying the breeder did a very good job!

Florence, Oregon

We are loving our Khole!

Jackie, Bend, Oregon

FernRidge Opus living in Sweden with Hook Labradoodles and doing great!

Another great stud dog in the making!
Hi Cheyene,
back in the summer you passed along a message that Debbie from Fernridge Labradoodles in Oregon was looking to re-home
Phoebe, a 4 yr old bitch which she no longer wanted to breed.
We picked her up late August and now have a wonderful new member of our household.  My husband is especially delighted
with her as she is a joyful walking companion - and her unconditional adoration of him helps too!  Currently I'm  gaining some
rank in her estimation of pack hierarchy, as I feed her and take her out in the car.  It's also usually my feet she sleeps on!
We are going to CERA dog training for re-homed & rescue dogs.  We reckon we need the training more than Phoebe as she
picks up each new command quickly from the trainer & although we do our best, we fumble and bungle along getting it
muddled.  But she's patient and we are improving.
I just wanted to thank you again for your help in finding an older dog.  We really do appreciate it. Best regards,  Carolyn

Dear Debbie,
We just want to let you know that Walker is doing great!
He is still at our place and having fun with our dog Jazz! He is much more relaxed and loves to hugg and kiss with us. We are in

Best regards,

Hi Debbie-

I wanted to show you Ollie and how funny he is! We love him so much! He loves to lay under the bed with just his head out!!

He is so smart and absolutely the best. His favorite toy is the paper towel roll. Go figure.
He and I went to breakfast this morning and just got back from dinner and our eve walk.  
He has changed my life already. In truth, he may have saved it.

Btw I am really impressed with your facility - in case I had not said so

Hi every who made my tour to Portland and Oregon to such a memorable experience!
I am back home, safe and sound (at least no less so than before), since a couple of days – together with two lovely labradoodles!  • Teresia:
Your gardens are magnificent, beautiful, healing and quite a learning experience. Good luck with the interesting research in the coming year(s)!
•  Bob: I am very happy that I got a chance to talk to you and hear you tell about the early years of Delta society, and what is going on now.

•  Donna: Thanks for taking time to go up to Ashland for meeting me. It is so good to hear about the fantastic work you are still doing with
Prescription Pets in/around Redding. AND to meet all your wieners, and your great husband.  
• Jennifer: What a fine day you gave me, with interesting visits at the memory care, hospice, the Butte. Plus great walk along Deschutes River.
Not to mention the lovely dinner with good wine in your beautiful house, including chats with your husband, and finally a good nights sleep!
• Steve and Judy: It is alway so much fun to see you, and so many good old memories from previous meetings, here and there. And now both of
the two young boys are retired - unbelievable. Interesting to see how we have successfully pursued similar lines in our work; a lot has to do
with folkbildning, in different ways. Our common background from folkhighschool.
• Carin: Thanks for taking time to show me yet another one of the many fine lunch places there are in Portland. I loved to hear about your
impressive work with introducing ergonomy. Good luch with the dragon boat competition!
•  Debbie: It was exciting to meet you and Heidi at the airport – but, if you excuse, even more to finally meet little Opus and beautiful Tommy!
They are adapting well and getting closer to our hearts by the day.

To you all: Hope you will visit us when you are in Sweden next time!
Below is a flower to you all.
Svenska Vårdhundskolan
Dear Debbie

Sparky is doing great.  The separation anxiety is slowly going away and he is starting to like his crate more.  He
essentially gets in there and stares at me till I give him a treat.  He is currently sleeping in our room but on his
bed.  He's good al night.  He's the perfect dog for us.

Thank You
Hey Debbie,  hope all is well!!!  
We're doing wonderful. Colt has adapted amazingly to our family and is doing great! I wanted to send this while I had a few minutes to let you know how happy we've
been with our dog we got from you back in December of 2012. So sorry we haven't gotten back to you in so long but things have been so busy for us that it feels like
only a short period of time has went by. Colt has been one amazing dog in every way! He's such a smart dog and I know his parents (Phoebe and Tommy) would be
so proud of him. Our son Carter which has autism and is 8 years old and our daughter Ella at 6 years old have been so happy with him from day 1. The awesome
thing about Colt is the fact he interacts in every situation with the way you would want him to. When it's time to play he loves to play, when its time for dinner, he'll
lay on the kitchen floor and relax while we eat, when we mention to go outside he's right up there looking at us wagging his tail wanting to go out with us. We've
read all the things about Labradoodles and did all the research you could possibly do before purchasing Colt from you and I will say something that we've noticed
with Colt, he fits all the great things about Labradoodles that you hear and read about. I will honestly say that the 1 negative thing you hear about Labradoodles
which is hyperactivity, Colt does not have in any shape or form. He's only hyper and all over the place when we want him to be, like, when we're in the back yard
and playing fetch and chasing and running with him. He's so amazing and every person we run into with him is amazed on how well behaved he is with pretty much
no training. Really the only training we've done with him was early on when we got him we were told to ignore him for 1 week and that did wonders on getting him to
understand how to listen to us. I really don't even think we had to do that but I will say it may have helped. Thanks so much for such an amazing dog and please feel
free to post this on your website because you truly deserve to be on the top of the list of breeders in America!

Justin, Jennifer, Carter, and


I just thought I'd share a few pictures of our baby Jax. I cannot express to you in words how much we love him. He
is such a wonderful member of our family and by far the best dog I have ever owned or known. I love him to
pieces. Thank you so much for helping make our family complete!

God bless~
Mary Barré

It was a divine inspired connection.  He has the most amazing temperament!  I really want to pursue the certified
therapy dog so I can take him to work with students at my school that participate in our CLASS program (children
with emotional disturbance) and LIFE SKILLS program (children with more functional life needs) next year.  We'll
look into this next summer when he is closer to 2 years old.  

Right now I'm working on my Sunday emails as I usually do only I have his soft fur on my feet.  He follows me
around and just wants to be next to me.  What a blessed and loyal little companion to share life with.  His tail is high
and whipping around as he walks around the yard.  He also is loving to pounce on the ball.  We'll have to work on
picking it up and bringing it back!  

Hi Debbie,

Yes, of course you can use it on your website.  He is definitely the perfect dog for us.  He and Nash get along
great.  I already can't imagine how we lived without him.  


Apologies for the lag in sending recent pics of Ollie. Here he us in the kitchen while we are making banana bread.

He is in full control of his environment. We love him.

Hi Debbie
I just thought I'd share a few pictures of our baby Jax. I cannot express to you in words how much we love him. He
is such a wonderful member of our family and by far the best dog I have ever owned or known. I love him to
pieces. Thank you so much for helping make our family complete!

God bless~
Mary Barré
Hi there!  I just wanted to send a quick pic of Hershey. He is a great dog, learns quickly and fits in well with our
family. All legs, he is a jumper and he is going to start agility training when it cools down.  Our high temps are
hovering at 100, so he always heads to the pool for an afternoon cool down! He is learning to chase the geese and
has made friends with all the golf members.  Learning not to chase the deer and turkeys is not so easy.  Everyone
wants to know where Hershey is when he's not on the golf cart.  What a fan base he has!  Bill will take photos on
the course to enter him into a goose dog calendar contest.  When he does, I'll forward you some pictures.

Best to you, Robin
Hello Debbie,

We wanted to take a minute and write to you to tell you how happy we are with Peaches.  She seems to be happy
with us too.  She is so much fun and is so easy going.  She is just a bunch of love in all our lives and we can't
imagine our life without her.  Lloyd and Betty and Peaches now live around the block from the rest of us.  We get to
play with her almost everyday.  She even has had sleep overs at our house. We both have nice big backyards.  Elli
has taught her a few tricks. We enjoy her very much.

Thank you, The Hagloch Family.
Hi Debbie,

We are having a wonderful time with Hudson. He is such a beautiful and loving puppy, and we couldn't be happier!
We are truly in love with our little Hudson and are so grateful for all your help and assistance.

Beth & Chris Reed, NYC

Dear Debbie

Thanks for such an awesome puppy.  

Paige Harper
Dear Debbie:
I just wanted to say thank you so much for bringing Jax into our lives. He is a dream come true. He is honestly by far the
best dog I have ever owned or been around. I love him. He is so cuddly & snuggles all day. Wherever I go he goes. If I'm
standing he is laying on my feet and if I'm sitting he is in my lap. I just wanted you to know you raised a great pup!!  
Thanks again!  I will update you through the years as he grows with pictures & stories.

Mary B.

Just to let you know, that Lucy is a Fabulous dog, polite, soft as silk, cuddly, loves people and other dogs, great on the
leash and running, non-demanding and loves to be petted, and just an overall great girl!
We are thrilled with her and I think she is happy to be here too!

Fondly Jean Diamond
Hi Debbie,

Shaggy is doing really great and fitting in with the family like he was meant to be with us!  He does have a "stubborn
streak" in him, but I guess that also fit right in with our family! LOL!  He is very smart and extremely persistent!  When
he wants something he just doesn't take no for an answer.  He already graduated from puppy obedience class and can
follow the basic commands (sit, down, stay) and we are starting intermediate classes on Jan. 22nd.   

I have attached some pictures of shaggy.  I intended to take holiday pictures but somehow never got around to doing it.  
I would love to see pictures of Tommy, shaggy's brother.  He was gorgeous too!  

Dear Miss Debbie,
I am 6 months old this week and thought you’d like to see how I am growing. I am 19 pounds and I am eating my vitamins
every day. I am mostly fur and teeth and I have a spring in my step. I am fully potty trained but not chew trained. I have
had all my shots. My guardian family really think I am special. I would love to visit you sometime and see your new
puppies (and meet my future boyfriend) and see my mommy and daddy. I hope you are doing well.

Love, Chloe
FernRidge Labradoodles
Located 8 miles North of Veneta, Oregon,
or 26 miles NW of Eugene Orgeon.
8 acres of lush pine forrest !

Debbie Young (owner)

Dy618@aol.com (prefer email )
or call us at 541-998-2247
Phone calls between 11am-8pm   PST only please!